Internet is not a safe place

In today's world internet is the most popular way of connecting with the people. But internet was not designed with any privacy or security in mind. You should never, ever send unencrypted sensitive information over internet. You don't know how many servers the message will pass through between your computer and the recipient's, or who has access to those servers.

How to send sensitive information over internet :

  1. Encrypt your information on the encryption page , you can use your own password or let the service generate a password for you.
  2. Send encrypted message via email to your recipient.
  3. Send your password to your recipient via telephone, fax or SMS, etc. Never send your password along with the encrypted message.
  4. Your encrypted message could be decrypted on decryption page with right password.

Decryption :

Password :

Encrypted message :

Original Message :

Original Message

Tip of the day

Never send unencrypted message over internet .