Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How strong is your encryption method?

    We use AES encryption which is considered Cryptographically strong algorithm in the industry. This is same level of encryption used in typical secure web applications like banking and credit card payment systems.

  2. How is it not safe to send sensitive information over internet / email ?

    Internet was not designed with any privacy or security in mind. When a message is sent over internet it need to pass through many computers and network devices before it reaches it's recipient. Your message could be easily read by your ISP, network administrators, government agencies as well as hackers.

  3. How to send sensitive information via email ?

    You can send sensitive information via email by using the encryption service on this site :

    1. Encrypt your information on the encryption page , you can use your own password or let the service generate a password for you.
    2. Send encrypted information via email to your recipient.
    3. Send your password to your recipient via telephone, fax or SMS , ETC. Note, never send your password along with the encrypted message.
    4. The encrypted message can be decrypted with right password on decryption page
  4. Is it free to use encryption and decryption service on this site?

    Yes , best things in life sometimes are free.

  5. Can I use the site to encrypt big information , what's the limit on the size of message.

    Your message is encrypted / decrypted right on your computer in your internet browser. The bigger the message , the longer it takes for your browser to encrypt/decrypt. Your browser might stop the script if it is running too long. In our tests most computers were able to encrypt millions of characters in a few minutes, that's sufficient for typical message usage.

  6. Does your site collect information I am encrypting?

    Your message is encrypted / decrypted right on your computer in your internet browser. Your information is not sent to our site.

  7. What if my encrypted message is intercepted by my ISP, network administrators or hackers?

    It would take world's fastest computer billions of years to crack a AES-128 key which is what we use to encrypt your message. You can rest assured your encrypted message is safe in the foreseeable future no matter who has it. Make sure you don't send your password along with the encrypted message.

Tip of the day

Never send unencrypted message over internet .